Melissa Febos | Writer / Prospect Park
December 13, 2007
OOOoohhhh. Not only is this shot great, but I get the first comment. Take that, Internet!
- Peter Boysen -

no lights, no candels, no santa to be seen... but all the more christmasy... feels great. would love to trade places with her just now...
- samsplanet

a nice study in secondary colours! Gorgeous.
- superfluous aussie

I love this. I have nothing more eloquent to say than that. I love beauty!
- Jocelyn -

oooh pretty. the colours... and composition... just very, very pretty.
- andrea -

PS. there's something of Narnia about this. was there a beautiful white horse just out of shot?
- andrea -

Andrea, you're totally right. She looks exactly like a grown up Lucy Pevensie. I absolutely adore this photo!
- NicoleB

Ahhhhbsolutely perfect.
- Karen

so magical. I love what andrea said about narnia, that is so right on. beautiful placement of every element of the photo, the trees, the girl, the horizon line, the arrangement of colors.
- zed -

Yeah there is sort of a fantastical surreal quality about this - maybe the purplish hue of the trees... the velvet coat... and the model looks almost "pasted" into the scene (I know she wasn't) - which makes it look all the more otherworldly, like she was just transported there through a magic wardrobe... :) :)
- Mindy

Ooooooo -- perfect holiday shot, Bill -- thank you for this one.
- nuno

Nice one. It's good to see you vary subject distance a bit, my only meager criticism of a spectacular collection.
- carpeicthus

Wow, just like WOW!!
- buckycatt

Andrea's right - Melissa is Lucy at the end of the story - but beautiful in her own right, as well. Her colors - red and green and blue - match the colors of the landscape perfectly. It might be my favorite.
- Sarah -

what an eye for color
- henry

Perfect per·fect –adjective : Being complete of its kind and without defect or blemish.
- Dennis Ray Nestor Jr. -

- Ulrich -

Beautiful! :)
- James Curtis Smith -

Dang, this portrait rocks my socks off
- Drew

I too instantly thought of Narnia when I saw this pic!
- Amanda

modern day fairy tale meets brooklyn. outstanding...
- story -

- K

Interesting... I zoomed in on the picture and lo and behold, the framing was just right, not too much brown tree and a closer image of the woman. Bill, you do this a lot, getting too far from your subject and putting way too much background in the portrait. The colors are great, though. I think your next one will be better... I peeked.
- John Andrews

not that Bill needs anyone to defend him, but I disagree with John - I think the framing of this is just perfect; in fact, the composition here is largely what makes the image so striking and special. the colours of the tree mimic those of her hair and trim of her coat; and I particularly adore the gentle slope of the fallen leaves, which lead to her. to frame it other way would lose all these elements, surely. plus, with 365 shots of people, I think it's perfectly fine to have some in which the subject is this far away! ;-)
- andrea -

success capturing snow falling.
- rlb

- Charlotte

Enchanted, pure and simple.
- Meg -

Bill, you have totally inspired me. I have been looking through your photos for a couple days now... it's amazing to see all that you've accomplished just in this year alone, and your project is amazing both in its endeavor and in the work that it has produced. This is my favorite so far from what I've seen this year. Everything about it is gorgeous, and although I've lived in Southern California for over a decade and love the weather and easy lifestyle it affords me... this photo makes me miss upstate NY something fierce. Thank you.
- Vu Bui -

I like all the composition. Perfect place and background !
- Victor Puig -

Hands down, this must be one of your best portraits. I love this image! She is balancing the color of the creation around her. Gorgeous.
- Trevor Carpenter -

I love the negative space in this photo. Everything about it is perfect.
- Kyle -

Bill (y)~ I'm a lurker on this project of yours- always taken by the work- but this one- this one quite literally took my breath.
- Megin -

Beautiful shot! Composition, color, negative space, DOF. Just superb!
- Mark -

I love this one too! I just don't know how you have compiled so many different portraits, each one so unique!
- Jonny -