Regan Hofmann - Editor In Chief, POZ Magazine / Meat Packing District
September 27, 2007
a stunning photograph of a beautiful, and clearly incredibly strong, woman. wonderful - and life-affirming,
- Andrea -

I really like the stark contrast between the sleek mustang and the beaten up old NJ license plate on the front.
- John

women and cars... both good looking... never misses. what makes this pictures special is the colour of the car! ... and her posing as if she was afraid to make a dent in the hood... lovely.
- samsplanet

Wow...This looks more like the middle earth meets the stark city.....She is so elfish looking..... she seems to be almost levitating.... Fabulous.....
- Steve Dixon

hey... in that car... i'd probably be levitating, too ;-)
- samsplanet

Bill, you know I love captured her beautifully!
- Logan -

I know you had very little control over it, but my favorite part is the sky.
- jess

WOW!!! This is amazing! I love the vivid colors, the sky and the sun, and most of all Regan's pose and expression. Stunning.
- Ela

This is has that look of a cover of a magazine featuring a story on her.. very well done Bill.
- Daniel Krieger -

Great Color I love the sun Yellows Oranges and Greens I love them all.... Interest subject and Magazine
- Dennis Ray Nestor Jr. -

Just Beautiful
- Tina

I really like how the focal points work in this picture. The sun light really makes her glow.
- Mikey

Nice. I like the beautiful car and gorgeous girl and the mucked up license plate and industrial background! Such contrast.
- John Andrews

The composition on this rocks.
- AL

Why don't all you critics kiss my ass!!!!!!!
- Edward

I find the way Edward tackles the word ass and uses it in an objective yet almost cynical attempt at expression to take on a harshness tinged with a sad beauty.......I like it ...It pretends depth but takes a more of a shallowness in reality ......
- Steve Dixon

Great photo. Nicely done.
- alexandru savu -

The whole composition is very well thought about and put together....the car not just any car , a mustang , strong musclecar. even the angle of shot on the mustang , is an angle of power , aggression..... really brings out Regans personality .. helps explain a lot bout her...... its all about the car for me....
- semary -