Patrick Di Justo - Contributing Editor At Wired Magazine, Fellow Apollo Geek / Prospect Park
August 29, 2007
yay!! great expression!
- rebecca -

I LOVE THIS SHOT!!!!!! LOVE the expression, and I love the composition of the photo!!!!!!
- Julie

haha! very funny and very sweet. I get a real sense of him (I think).
- andrea -

I've known Patrick for (gulp) most of my life, at this point...and this is a pretty damn excellent capture of his soul (oops, didn't want that, did you?).
- Elisa -

Awesome pic!!
- Nancy -

Yeah....i get that face alot.....
- Jerusha

Great colors and picture. The kind of look Pat gives when I say one of the many stupid things I say, followed by "you've got to be kidding me?!"
- Susan

I think this one may be my favorite so far, with the possible exception of 2-21. Please keep up the good work!
- Sarah

That is so you Pat! :-) Looking good. Jim :-)
- jim

LOVE the expression!
- kate

That is a great portrait, without a doubt. :-)
- Eve

this is great. somehow I got the sense that this guy is funny, smart and a little geeky before I read the occupation... nice work!
- emily