Margaret Cohn - Biologist, Artist, Family Sage / The Penn Club
November 05, 2007
She looks like a formidable woman. Yet, sadly is relegated to a seat beneath the man.
- Jocelyn -

SAGE noun: a mentor in spiritual and philosophical topics who is renowned for profound wisdom . You certainly caught this aspect of her in your portrait. The strong red only adds to her strength.
- Julie

I haven't been to the Penn Club (although I'm an alumni, I guess I could join) but it looks exactly like I imagined it. I like the informal yet formal aspects of this photo, and all of the shadows in the room. It looks like a snapshot, but it's more artful than a snapshot-- almost like the painting of somebody on the wall.
- Adam -

i guess you'd have to be dead to get your picture on that wall... and who sais they're not going to put up hers sometime in the (hopefully far) future? btw: her (s)watsch sais, she's not feeling all that old yet ;-)
- samsplanet

Wow, you captured someone I know! She was the dean of the Honors College at Ohio University when I was a student there (seems like ages ago... does 10+ years count as ages ago?). Anyway, she always struck me as a very confident, self-assured woman, and I think you captured that very well in this portrait. Good seeing you again, Dr. Cohn.
- Heather

You really captured my mother in this one. Very nice work. I love your portraits!
- Alison -

A wonderful photo of my Aunt. A very strong woman who takes after her mother.
- Tim Foreman -

She is my aunt, and she totally rocks. She is my shero and role model, and she's very funny, too. What a great portrait (how did you get her to pose for it? An accomplishment in itself!). Thanks, and keep up your wonderful, inspiring work.
- Ker

love the red. great work. too bad she is sitting beneath 'the man' though. :-(
- rlb

A wonderful portrait of my Aunt and Hero (Her-oh!). I haven't seen her in several years, but she is in my thoughts daily. (WWPD: What Would Peg Do?) But how did you get her to sit still?!? Thank you and keep up the good work...both of you!
- Meghan

LOVELY..... she looks regal and wise

This picture tells a story about the woman. I like it.
- John Andrews

A very nice portrait of my mother. I'm a photographer as well and have seen a number of photos of her. I like this one very much. I would add to the description... TEACHER (she taught at Ohio University), LEADER (she was on her City Council for years and is in her FIFTH term as a Planning Commissioner) and MENTOR (for her work at the Honors College at OU making sure that gifted kids got everything they needed to reach their potential, something that shockingly does not happen in many places)., November 7 is her birthday! Happy Birthday Mom! I love you.
- Jason Cohn

Saw this and thought, "That must be the Harvard Club" - guess I was close!
- Meg -

It doesn't seem as if that couch will be empty for long. Her face is like a welcome invitation.
- Boo -