Bill Wadman - My Father, Missed / Plymouth, CT
September 16, 2007
I can still hear his laugh...
- David McDonnell

Just beautiful. I'm tearing up. My thoughts with you and your Mother.
- Dan (the original one) -

nice tribute Bill, I can see you in that photo of him.
- Daniel Krieger -

This is the most emotionally vulnerable and stirring photograph of this collection. You make me, a songwriter, want to write a song every day for a year. Your transformation and growth are beautiful and an inspiration. Jocelyn
- 415grl

This is lovely.
- Emily

- Carlos -

I don't know him... anyway I start to cry Pau from Spain.
- pau

Simply heart-rendering Bill.
- Jack

Beautiful. It is.
- AL

Its lovely.
- Mary

A very moving tribute Bill. A great photo of your father, given profound emotional power from its new context, the unseen presence of the two of you, and the date. RIP Bill Snr. My thoughts are with you Bill Jnr.
- Simon

What a beautiful tribute, Bill. We all miss him.
- Amy King

Hi Bill - sending you a big hug today Sarah, Tom & Stan x
- Sarah Wenham

Bill, there is something about the old school photo of your Dad that makes it surreal for me as if you were the one taking that original photo, perhaps it is the way he is posing. He is missed and you are doing him proud. As different as this is from all the others it couldn't fit in any better.
- Eric -

Really beautiful...and touching.
- Logan -

Brilliant & heartbreaking. A big hug to you & your family, indeed.
- nuno

Breathtaking, Bill! Sending you hugs.
- Ela

I was just looking thru your photographs and when this one came up my heart ached and I had tears in my eyes. Oh how I miss Uncle Bill!! I only hope that your Dad is keeping my Mom entertained in heaven!! Beautifully done Cousin Billy! XO to you, Aunt Cindi & Cousin Melissa
- cousin susan

Very sad, moving and beautiful.
- Diane

Stunningly moving i'm proud of you Lots of love always Kara

very honest & moving. thank you for being vulnerable through the eye of a lens...
- story -

Incredibly moving, sad, but thoughts are with you Bill.
- Becca Brown

This photo finally makes me to comment too (after loking at your portraits for months and loving nearly all of them). But I can't find the right words. I'm sitting here for 20 minutes now thinking and looking at the picture (and the comment field). Still no words. Just know that I am very deeply moved and want to thank you for all your beautiful photographs - and especially this one.
- Anne

Speechless. Rare for me.
- James

Just the best.
- Jose

beautiful... i am moved. with you.
- youri

He was one of kind and touched many people. Beautiful tribute.
- matt g.

Very beautiful, very moving, brings tears to my eyes.
- Susan -

What a wonderful memorial. I think you must get bonus points in heaven for getting a picture of a tombstone in a shot that still has so much life in it. The photo inside is great too. I wonder who took that one. Pensive and handsome. Still having to page back a few to catch up the hope I have may be moot. But your self-portrait, that would be excellent in this series. There is your mother in this too and families. Good lord you have the threads of so many blended and presented to make the observer feel as if we do exist in this world with these people. It makes me look around all the time at faces the days after I come here. It does act to lessen the isolation that seems rampant sometimes. Anyway, seeing your portrait too in this midst, well, that would be a little joy.
- Boo -