Laura Chavoen - Undefined / PS1
August 18, 2007
utterly glorious. and different. and it made me smile. just fabulous.
- andrea -

That face - the joy, the warmth, the comfort that it brings to me. That's most certainly my friend.
- Barbara Lynn

This picture took my breath away. It's just gorgeous...and I wish that I can share the enthusiasm you captured here in Laura.
- Diane

Magnificent!!! Absolutely, amazingly beautiful, Bill. I love the pink!!! Laura looks so happy, and so beautiful. Bill, you definitely know how to capture the moment. I will check out this photo on my sad days... made me smile before it even all loaded in. Excellent work!!!
- Ela

Bill, it is majestic. Thank you. For everything. You are an amazing photographer, and a warm, funny, kind person. It was a pleasure "working" with you, and I look forward to the rest of your all of its glory!! My most grateful and warmest regards, Laura (PS -- yes, I like it. And yes, it is one of the first.)
- Laura Chavoen

I love this portrait!
- Jonny -