Kristen Dudish - Designer, Worry-wart / Studio
July 11, 2007
wonderful. unusual lighting for you, and all the more interesting for that. gives it a casualness/intimacy somehow; like you caught her during a certain thought wihout her knowing. faberoony (as we say in Britain. well, some of us. occasionally.)
- andrea -

yeah... this one i like.
- samsplanet

Ditto on the lighting. Really accentuates her features.
- AL

It's funny you say "worry-wart" when this picture says everything but. To me it has a certain calmness to it. I've had the chance to meet Kristen and you have definitely captured her natural beauty. Nice work.
- Tony

I love the crop!!! You don't always frame your models this way, and that's refreshing indeed! Love the colors.
- Ela Jakiela -***ELA***

awhhh, she looks so pretty. i have to agree, the colors and the crop on this shot are great. keep up the good work.
- Dusel -

You've done Kristen justice on this shot! Beautiful photo of a beautiful girl! I work with her father so I've known Kristen for almost 20 years, watching her transform from baby girl to WOW!, with a personality to match. Great job, Bill!
- Liz Fabian

What a great shot, Bill. I think you've captured her well. Nice job!
- danny

Not as flattering as past shots -- but then again, that's not always the point of a portrait.
- Spamboy -

- martha

I agree that this picture exudes calmness.. it feels personal and close. Interesting lighting.. very pretty (just like Kristin).
- Amy

What I notice about this portrait is the SHAPE of her face and chest, especially the line from her temple through her ear and back of her neck to the V of her dress - almost a comma or paisley shape. Set off by the blue dress & similar blue of the background. Interesting.
- Iris