Ingrid Spangler - Back Surgery Stalwart / Chelsea
February 28, 2007
Her lovely smile reminds me of a Sissy/Joni mix. This is a wonderful shot. Everyone should be this happy when looking out the window!!!
- Mar

This morning was totally fun! Then we went outside and it was so nice and sunny. It was the best morning I've had in a long while (one must regard the hours of 11am-1pm as "morning" hours in my case). I'll have to tell the bf about my new infatuation with Tony Spangler, though. He might get upset.
- Lauri -

I love happy photos~ Happy March to you ...
- K

Hi Ingrid! I'm surprised Tony isn't in this shot, "sez'ing" something. ;-)
- Sherri -

this made me go "ahh!" when I saw it. one of your best (and loveliest) portraits yet, Bill. fabulous.
- andrea -

I wonder who is happier -- Ingrid, or those plants for having such a great window.
- Spamboy -

What an awesome shot of Ingrid! The light here is beautiful (as is she, as usual). Another lovely entry for the project!
- Amy Lee

Wow - I love this photo of Ingrid.
- Aaron -

So happy. I love it!
- Phil -

what a smile!
- Josh Rothhaas -

The picture of health it is. Those plants seem to be looking at her like children. The sun does play upon her. It's an honest light too. Beauty.
- Boo -

yay! this is so wonderful, bill. PS Mar, people tell me I look like Sissy Spacek and Joni Mitchell all the time!
- Ingrid -