Buzz Aldrin - Moonwalker, Apollo 11 / Rose Center
September 05, 2007
This is about one of the coolest people you could ever take a picture of in my book.
- Dustin -

- Danielle Ngo I...err...speechless....errmm.... Bill, you are incredible.
- Carlos -

ohhh wow!! just FANTASTIC that you got Buzz. how amazing. and you know what I absolutely love about it? the way the light falling on him looks like the light on the moon. ha!
- andrea -

Mate.......... how cool is that!!
- victoria tristram -

Yay - you nabbed him!
- Jack

Out of this world!!!
- Jose

I'll bet you gave him an earful....
- Willy Marbles

Uh oh... damn, no words- bows!!!
- Ela

Amazing shot! the subtle contrast between his beautifully lively neck tie and the dead rock landscape... and Buzz just looks damn cool.
- keith

Haha so you finally got him, thats awesome. Wish I could have talked to him too.
- John

so i'm guessing he didn't punch YOU in the face.
- andrew -

Wow, Bill, congratulations. Not only did you get THE original Buzz Lightyear, but it's a great picture too. Well done, all around.
- nuno

How long did it take for you to come down off the ceiling after that one?! Good catch!
- Mattrowski -

Walks on the moon & dresses snappy! Kudos to the photographer & the subject for that one!
- buckycatt

love it. great light effect.
- jess

I know someone already said it, but WOW! How amazing! I'm in the middle of reading Moondust, and Buzz Aldrin seems to be one of the most extraordinary people. A real live Moonwalker. I'd be all over the place just to spot him in a restaurant. I'm pretty much all over the place now. Will get to you about how it looks when the shock has died down! Damn fine work Bill!
- Paul

OMG :).....its brilliant how you used the moonlike deep light and shadow.
- Satya

This is too cool. You are cool!
- amanda -

Hey, Billy, Tess and I are madly impressed. How amazing. What a real vote of confidence that he was up for having his photo done. For Buzz, I guess that makes two impressive achievements in one lifetime now ;-).
- Sarah

Hey Bill - What an awe-inspiring shot - the look on Buzz's face says it all - it say's I've been there, and you captured that. You must be over the moon. This will be right up next to the one of him I have on the moon that he signed for me. You (Moon) Rock
- Stan Kent -

Whoa That is Buzz Aldrin no way. My Childhood Hero! I love this site...
- Dennis Ray Nestor Jr. -

I love Buzz. He once popped a twat in the jaw who came up to him and said the Moon landings were faked. Respect! Not sure about his tie though. Just joking Buzz.
- Mat Toor

awesome Bill congrats on getting this one!
- Daniel Krieger -

WOW - there are no other words.
- A.M.

you. did. not. The moon background is awesome, of course, and he looks fabulous. On days like this, the project really takes on a scavenger hunt feel - "Find Buzz Aldrin" - and everyone shows up empty-handed but you.
- AL

Wow. Amazing.
- Becca Brown

You Go Bill...makes me wanna borrow your Earth to the Moon DVD set again. Killer Pic...
- Eric -

Bit of a coup with this one Bill. Nice one!
- Ken Watson -

Congrats on the Buzz Aldrin, Bill. :)
- Kaet

nice, you are my rock star wadman
- KB

Congratulations on making this wonderful image, Bill -- I hear that the gathering of moonwalkers was amazing. I for one like the tie -- a nice counterpoint to the rocky and arid moonscape!
- emily Gertz -

Wow, man - I gotta hear the story of how you connected with this guy! Very very cool, and great shot.
- Seth

The perfect birthday present, even though I came to it late. What a day that must have been for you - and you deserve it!
- Megann

Congrat's, Bill. This had to be a dream come true. Well done.
- James

Nice get, Bill. I remember being in there with you, on President's Day this year. Glad things are working out for you on this project!
- Dave Streich (365-Photo 2/19)